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FAQ Question: How Do I Send In My ECU for Service?

This is one of many variation of the same question.  How do I send in my ECU?  Do you pay for the shipping or do I?  Where do I send my ECU.

We have support articles that answer all of these questions in detail on our Support site ( but lets answer them quickly here.

You can send in your ECU in whatever fashion you like.  We are a business with a commercial address and get deliveries daily.  You can ship via US Postal Service (USPS), UPS (United Parcel Service), Fedex...or any other reasonable Shipping company.  We suggest you get insurance and tracking on any shipment you send to us.

The customer is responsible for paying for the shipping of the ECU from them to us.  The shipping cost you pay for at checkout on our website is the cost to return ship the ECU from us to you after we have performed the service.

Our address is located on the bottom of every page on our website and is:

379 Spook Rock Road (J502), Suffern NY 10901

In order to be able to know what your ECU is for when it arrives here, please include a copy of your order with the ECU inside the box or at least write your order # on the ECU cover with your name and phone number as well.  If we have no idea who the ECU is for then it can be severely delayed.

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