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2021 Honda Civic Type (FK8) Shop Car

It's been a while since I have been this exited about a car.  As a Honda enthusiast, I have always felt the "R" was the epitome of the brand and a car I would always want to own. However as I got a little older it just felt impractical and so I ignored it...until this year.  I have had two project vehicles for the last few years (2011 Mustang GT and an K-Series Turbo Exocet) and my thought was to get rid of these to make room for a CTR.  However, through a friend/colleague at Honda Dealership we do business with, I got the opportunity to grab a brand new R (with no markup) and so I jumped.

I have been doing more road coarse racing and as my Exocet was frustrating me, I decided that impracticality be damned and I was getting this car.  I grabbed and then after driving it around for the last few weeks stock, I took it to NJMP (New Jersey Motorsports Park) with less than 400 miles on it to beat on it a little.

What a fun car!  The handling and balance was exceptional, it pointed and went wherever I told it to go and without any tuning it was FAST.  I am glad I got to do a baseline this year which leaves us a lot of time to add some basic bolt-ons, tune and develop some new parts for this platform.

Stay tuned as we dive in...and check out our FK8 Section as we build it!

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