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Our services

We offer in-house Dyno Tuning with our AWD Mainline in our engineered Dyno Cell. We offer stock ECU modifications and installation on OBD1 and K-Series Applications using Hondata, KTuner, Neptune and more. We also offer E-Tuning, Remote and we can even fly to you if the project requires. See more about what we can do.

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Featured Blog Posts

Xenocron Motorsports Racer Program

There is a lot of chatter in the industry about what is going on.  I have been involved in many...

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FK8 Flex Fuel and more Civic Type R products

Since we purchased the shop FK8 last fall, we have been busy at work, learning the platform and spending some...

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FAQ Question: How Do I Send In My ECU for Service?

This is one of many variation of the same question.  How do I send in my ECU?  Do you pay...

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