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Tuning Services

Xenocron Tuning Services

Honda / Acura Tuning Services

We specialize in Honda/Acura Vehicle Tuning using the proper equipment, methods and software to provide proper performance and reliability to the most enjoyment out of your entire setup. I am EFI University EFI101 & Advanced trained and certified and whether you are looking for pure raw power, every day driveability with that little extra 'umph' or you are looking for better fuel economy we have the experience to guide you and help you fine tune your setup. While we traditionally specialize in Honda and Acura builds, we have the experience and ability to assist you with any tuning project you would like to challenge us with.

Currently we have tuned eCtune, eCtune PRO, Neptune (chip), Neptune RTP/Demon, Hondata (S100, S300, KPRO, FlashPRO), Crome PRO, TurboEdit, BRE, AEM EMS V1 and V2, AEM Infinity factory trained, Haltech, Motec, PRO EFI, EFI Live, HP Tuners, UpREV, Diablosport, SCT, Accel DFI, FAST, Hydra, Megasquirt, and Power Commander systems. We stock most of the hardware and fuel management supplies these systems need to function efficiently and we have seen most every problem that comes about when building radically different combinations of parts to help you troubleshoot and eliminate problems before and after they arise.

We offer both track and dyno tuning options depending on your setup and budget. While street tuning is the best replica for how the car and motor will actually run, in most situations its just not safe for all parties involved on vehicles that make serious power or have lacking suspension or safety equipment (brakes, seat belts, etc) so we not do much street tuning as our dyno is capable of replicating the road very well. Some street tuning may be done during a tuning session, if the situation allows.

We offer flat rate tuning prices for most tuning systems listed below as well as hourly rates for dyno rental, retuning or switching of fuels during the same dyno session.

We also offer one-on-one tuner training through in-person consultation if you would like to learn how to tune your own car with the equipment we use and provide. We offer this only for the OBD1 Honda ECU Editors and equipment. Please inquire if this is something that might interest you.

Also, please read over this link and understand that it is best if the car arrives problem free. The tuner can only do so much with a car that is riddled with problems.

Think you are ready for a tuning appointment?

Please email (preferrable) or call with any questions or to setup an appointment and verify the details of your needs. You can purchase a tuning deposit from the PRODUCTS section of our website!

Phone: 845-504-5340
Email: tuning@xenocron.com

We tune using our IN HOUSE All Wheel Drive Mainline Chassis Dynamometer in our Engineering Dyno Test Cell
AWD 1800 chassis dynamometer
Ideal for diagnosis and performance work
  • * Windows Based Fully Digital Model (Windows)
  • * Rear wheel drive
  • * Front wheel drive
  • * All Wheel Drive
  • * Street/Race cars
  • * Sport utility vehicles
  • * Light commercial vehicles
  • * Motor Cycles
Mainline Dynolog Homepage

Standard Day Rate - Dyno Tuning Prices (as of January 1st, 2013)

  • eCtune PRO/Demon - $500 All Motor / $600 Turbo
  • Hondata S300 - $500 All Motor / $600 Turbo ($50 off tuning if you purchase the system from us)
  • Hondata KPRO/FlashPRO - $500 All Motor / Turbo $600 ($50 off tuning if you purchase the system from us)
  • Neptune RTP/Demon - $500.00 All Motor / $600 Turbo ($50 off tuning if you purchase the system from us)
  • TurboEdit (OBD0 Non VTEC) - $700 (has to be APPROVED 1st before setting an appt)
  • B.R.E. (OBD0 VTEC) - $700 (has to be APPROVED 1st before setting an appt)
  • Crome System (chip tuning) - N/A, we dont tune Crome as the options for Neptune or S300 are far superior for similar costs.
  • AEM EMS - starting @$600 (multiple fuels, track setups, boost control, nitrous, etc are extra)
  • Haltech - starting @ $600
  • Pro EFI - starting @ $700
  • Motec - starting @ $700
  • UPREV - starting @ $700 w/ license
  • Retunes are $150/hr
  • Pump Gas & Race Gas Same Day - add $100 to above prices
  • Engine Break-In on any of the above systems - $150.00 (includes compression test and setting the timing along with dyno time)
  • Any other Engine Management or System, please call 845-504-5340 for a Hourly Rate Quote

For Neptune RTP, eCtune Demon and Hondata units (S300 and KPRO), save $$$ on the tuning if you purchase the system from Xenocron. Ask for details in advance.

Tuning rates do not reflect ANY Mechanical labor to fix problems while on the dyno (within some reason). You will be required to fix all problems yourself or pay our labor rate of $100/hr (in addition to Tuning Fees).

We no longer offer ANY street tuning options.

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