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ECU Chipping

ECU Chipping/Modification Services

OBD0 ECUs (PM6/PR4/PS9/JDM-PM7/PR3) - external eprom only
OBD1 ECUs (P05/P06/P28/P30/P72/P75/PR4) - no P13s

Order Online

- Includes all hardware, all labor and full testing to make sure the ECU is in 100% working order before being shipped back to you.

- I use a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket in all of my ECUs. This allows for easier changing and less wear on the Eprom Chip when constantly changing it during tuning sessions. Also includes are a 28 pin machined DIP socket that is soldered into the ECU and the CN2 4-pin datalogging header.

- I include One Basemaps (using TurboEdit, BRE, Crome or Neptune RTP) or burn a program of your choosing (customer supplied only) on a SST27SF512 EEprom (the reburnable kind)

What information you need to provide me for the basemap - turbo setups:

- Engine/Turbo Combination
- Injector Size/Brand used
- Fuel Pressure at idle (hose off)
- Rev Limiter settings (please specify, dont just say 'stock')
- Launch Control setting if desired
- Idle RPM (OBD1 only)
- VTEC activation RPM (if applicable)
- The stock ECU that came in your car (if it is different than the ECU you are providing)

***I will only make basemaps for stock MAP sensor cars as increased boost equals risk. You should definitely not boost more than the stock MAP sensor allows on a basemap.

Why you should choose me to chip your ECU instead of anyone else?

- My pricing includes everything you need and more like a ZIF socket, one reburnable EEprom chip with a basemaps while most others use cheap sockets and will not include basemaps

- I offer full support to my clients after the purchase. I will not be absent after I have your money. If you have any issues with your ecu setup, feel free to run them by me....I promise I will make time to try and help you out in any way possible. If you have questions about engine managment, chances are I've run acrossed it and can help point you in the right direction with a write-up or a forum post I have seen

- I will continue to explain and offer free informational write-ups to my customers on this site and the forums I post on regularly, support one of your own

- I have a very good online reputation that I want to keep...I aim to please 100% of the time - see my vouches

- I am supported by the creators of Hondata, eCtune, Neptune, Crome, TurboEdit and PGMFI to offer these services where others are not because I have donated a portion of what I make back to these creators as well as helping test and futhering the development of DIY ECU tuning. Others cannot claim they give back in the ways I do, buying from me helps further this 'movement' for everyone else and future generations of DIY ECU tuners such as yourself

Additional Options You Can Add On:

  • Serial/USB Datalogging cable - detachable w/ 4 pin CN2 Header
  • VTEC Conversion for OBD1 P05, P06, PR4, P75 ECUs
  • ECU Conversion Harnesses (OBD0-->OBD1 or OBD2a/b --> OBD1)
  • Auto to Manual Conversion (OBD1)
  • Hondata S300 Socketing
  • Boost Control Components and Parts
  • Discounts for multiple add-ons purchased, email me


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