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Dyno Rental Services

Dyno Rental Services and Pricing

Mainline AWD 1800 chassis dynamometer
Ideal for diagnosis and performance work
  • * NEW Fully Digital Model (Windows)
  • * Rear wheel drive
  • * Front wheel drive
  • * All Wheel Drive
  • * Street/Race cars
  • * Sport utility vehicles
  • * Light commercial vehicles
  • * Motor Cycles* (with optional adapter)

Our dynamometer is available for rent. If you are developing parts or testing different engine configurations, using the same dynamometer provides the consistency necessary when gathering data. Also, we can provide specialized personnel, should you require them. Here are examples of what can be done:

  • Parts development
  • Testing and tuning
  • Horsepower shootouts
  • Magazine/Industry events
  • Fleet services
  • Sound sampling recording (movies, video games, music)
  • Filming for commercials, movies, and other video media

For local tuners or others that want to rent our chassis dyno, we offer extremely confidential and full service rental for you and your customers. All customer files and charts will be accessible by you and you alone. Everything is backed up on a regular basis as well. Where most shops that own dynamometers in our area have no idea on the most efficient ways to use their chassis dynamometer, you will be extremely happy with our highly trained dynamometer facilitators. Please contact us for more information!


Chassis Dyno Baseline Service:

2WD: $80.00
3 pulls *
Special: Pre-Pay in full upfront for both Baseline and After Mod Runs for 125.00...thatís 6 pulls total!!!

Chassis Dyno Rental:

First Hour & Hookup
2WD: $120.00 * AWD: $150.00

Each Additional Hour
2WD: $80.00 * AWD: $100.00

All Day Rental (9am - 6pm)
2WD: $650.00 * AWD: $750.00
*Attendant, Wideband, Pressure Sensor Hook-Up Included in Pricing
NOTE: Race Gas runs/tuning are extra as they shorten the life of the Wideband O2 Sensors we use.
NOTE: Extra options available for monitoring Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Ethanol Percentage, Injector Duty Cycle, Battery Voltage, EGTs through the dyno for an additional charge.

Dyno Tuning Rates:
~$150.00 - $200.00 / hr depending on EMS System
*** Flat Rate Tuning prices available for eCtune, Crome, Neptune RTP and Hondata S300, Kpro and other Systems. Call or email with your specific setup.

Phone: 845-504-5340
Email: customerservice@xenocron.com

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