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Honda/Acura Consulting Services

The are two services I am currently offering as far as consultation.

Honda/Acura Setup or Build Design

The limitation of any setup is the weakest part of the build. Even choosing top dollar parts and sparing no expense will net you lower results than if you piece together the proper combination of parts that work well for your goals. I will help any commercial shop or individual design, source & purchase the proper combination of parts for Mid-grade street setups to High Horsepower track only applications. Based on my experiences in this sector of the industry, I gaurantee that I can save you money by providing you with safe quality vendors, make more horsepower using the proper combination of parts and save time by choosing items that will work without major modifications to your chassis or parts purchased.

I work with you, your budget and your HP goals in mind with customer service that is second to none. For those individuals who need proper, gauranteed installation of these parts we offer you solid recommendations on this as well.

Wiring & Troubleshooting

Many times when upgrading or adding parts to High Horsepower vehicles, 'gremlins' or extremely odd wiring problems result from improper installation or removal of electronics and wiring from those who claim to be knowledgable. These wiring issues and problems are often tedious and nearly impossible to diagnose and troubleshoot for a novice user or shop that doesnt deal solely with Honda/Acura automobiles. Generally major result in damaging the motor or very poor performance.

I prefer to be able to install and wire on a completely stock vehicle and I do offer this service as well, but I feel that I have enough experience that I am prepared to troubleshoot and fix about any major engine electrical issue you can bring to me.

Please understand that typically these types of issues require that you leave the car for an undetermined amount of time and you should prepare to find alternative transportation if this is your only vehicle. You will be updated at every step of the process as problems are diagnosed and no parts will be purchased or used to repair without your permission after explaining the full costs involved. There are no costs that you will not understand...I gaurantee it!

Please call or email with any questions or to setup an appointment and verify the details of your needs.

Phone: 845-504-5340
Email: customerservice@xenocron.com

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