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We offer rock solid ECU Chipping services to both the DIYer and Commercial/Wholesale Shop Accounts alike. We are committed to receiving your ECU securely and getting it back to you in the most timely fashion possible. Overnight services are available and Priority Mail (2-3 days) is the standard means of shipping.

Standard ECU chipping services include ZIF Socketing (parts included), 4 pin header on the CN2 datalogging spot, switchable jumper on J1 to allow for easily switching back to stock, basemap on a reburnable SST chip, and return shipping included. NO ONE, does all of this, at the same price in the same time frame as we do...guaranteed!

Dyno Tuning is available as well for extremely competitive rates. We do Turbo, N/A, ITBs and nitrous street cars using various EMS software and hardware available currently. We will also do some traveling for customers with specific needs within the NJ/NY/CT/PA area for an additional cost. Shops should contact us directly via telephone if you are looking for sub-contracting your tuning services or renting dyno time on our AWD in-house Mainline chassis dynamometer enclosed in our soundproof dyno room.

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