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Chipping is where you will find components to chip your own Honda or Acura ECU (90-95). We have kits for both non-OBD (OBD0) and OBD1 Honda and Acura ECUs. Here you will also find kits to add VTEC circuitry components to your non-VTEC OBD1 ECU, a much more cost effective alternative to finding the more expensive stock VTEC ECU. You can also add to your cart, a Basemap to be burned to the chip included in the ECU kit you choose.

One of our best selling items is the popular line of Innovate Motorsports Wideband Products. Tuning your high performance vehicle requires accurate tools with a proven track record. Look no further when buying a wideband than this equipment for its accuracy, customer service and wide varity of expandability.

Chipped Honda/Acura OBD1 & OBD0 ECUs along with the chipping kits we offer have become our 'bread and butter.' We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship put into modifying stock Honda ECUs and creating your basemap so that you can get the most enjoyment with the least bit of hassle. All ECUs are compatible with Crome, Uberdata, Neptune and Hondata systems. You can even special order your chipped ECU for the new Hondata S300 system which requires slightly different components.

Stock Honda/Acura ECUs are now being offered out of convenience for those doing a standard motor swap. Wiring harness modification can also be done for you on a custom basis.

We offer two Datalogging options to meet your needs with our Serial or USB options.

OBD Harness is where you will find a wide option of conversion harness solutions for your 88-02 Honda/Acura. Our most popular harnesses are the OBD0 to OBD1 that includes the wiring subharness to make your life (swap) easier and the OBD2a/b to OBD1 harnesses. We are a proud supplier of the Rywire / JKOBD harness line and we keep our more popular items in stock at all times in our New Jersey location. For anything custom or if you dont see what you need listed here online, please contact us.

High Performance Fuel Injectors & Fuel Pumps are a natural component of our DIY fueling theme. We carry Walbro Fuel Pumps, RC Injectors & Precision Injectors in the sizes shown and our Xenocron 255 LPH High Performance Pump Kits. From time to time we also stock freshly cleaned and flow tested used DSM Injectors for our more budget conscious clientele.

We are also a proud distributor of Moates products. We stock the Ostrich (real time eprom Emulator) and the BURN1 chip programmer (Chip Burner) along with the other products listed on our site. If you would like to combine other items into your one order, please call us and we will make arrangements so you can purchase everything from one source!

In Electronics, you will find our exclusive DIY Motorola 2.5/3.0/4.0 Bar Map sensor kits, GM 3 Bar Map Sensors, AEM Map Sensors and Electronic Boost Control solenoid kits for use with Neptune, eCtune, and Hondata tuning software. We are adding other quality electronics every day so keep checking back often.

Xenocron now offers the complete line of Distributors for Honda and Acura vehicles. These feature all new parts and there is no core required! They come complete with a cap and rotor, ready to install and run. High quality, North-American made components ensure OEM reliability and performance. These distributors are an excellent value and perfect as OEM replacements or for OBD conversions.

In Drivetrain you will find Competition Brand Clutch Kits and Quaife/WaveTrac Differentails. Top quality products for getting power to the ground.

As a courtesy to our customers, we have now added popular heat range NGK Spark Plug applications for Honda/Acura motors in resistor, non resistor and Iridium options.

In Engine and Turbo, we are now carrying and stock some top quality internals and turbo parts. ARP Headstuds, Eagle Rods, ACL and Clevite Bearings are always in stock and ready to ship same day. Our favorite pistons are Wiseco which we do not stock as there are too many varieties of potentail combinations, but usually can be ordered and shipped within 3-5 days typically. Please contact us for your application and the best pricing along with stock status and delivery times.

Lastly we also carry many Package Deals for savings and convenience!

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