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MFactory Helical LSD (Limited Slip Diff)

Points Credit : 684.95 points Currently valued at $13.70

Available Options:
Part #:


Gain a prominent advantage over the competition with the MFactory Helical LSD.

Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Helical LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximises your vehicle's traction. A must for any FWD race car, be it Street, Strip or Track!


  • Made from imported Japanese Steel
  • Forged and Cryo-Tempered for unsurpassed toughness
  • Advanced Shot Peening technology increases surface hardness
  • Designed to withstand the extreme shock loads of competition-level Drag Racing
  • Advanced gear geometry designed using industry-leading software puts more power to the ground
  • Only the highest quality Brighton-Best Hardware is used
  • Maintenance-free Gears eliminates the need for special fluids & rebuilds associated with plate-type LSDs
  • Lock-free operation ensures no adverse affect to steering response


TERMS: MFactory Competition Products will provide a limited lifetime warranty for all Helical LSD's to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of product and professional installation. Parts returned must be determined by MFactory Competition Products to be defective before any warranty credit or replacement is issued

MFactory Competition Products's obligation under warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any part proven defective. The customer must prepay transportation charges

Final determination of the suitability of the products for the use contemplated by the buyer is the sole responsibility of the buyer. MFactory Competition Products shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, that might be claimed as a result of the failure of any part, including claims for delay, loss of profits, or labor

MFactory Competition Products shall not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from improper installation or misuse of any part subject to this warranty

There are no other warranties expressed or implied extending beyond those set forth above

INSTALLATION: Any warranty claims arising as a result of the failure of a Helical LSD will ONLY be entertained if the LSD was professionally installed and was NOT disassembled. Disassembling a Helical LSD will invalidate the warranty.

RECOMMENDED FLUID: When ordering your MFactory Helical LSD, we highly recommend that you order our Torco Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) at the same time. For your convenience, we offer Half Cases (6 x 1ltr Bottles) which is sufficient for the initial break-in period of your new transmission component(s) (approx. 1 tank of gas) and the subsequent fluid flush. DO NOT use Gear Oil in your Honda Transmission. Doing so will cause more damage than good, especially the expensive Synthetic/Performance Gear Oils. Please click here for further information.

RECOMMENDED BEARINGS: When ordering your MFactory Helical LSD, we highly recommend that you order new Diff Bearings at the same time. All of the bearings that we supply are high quality OEM replacement Japanese Bearings. Prices are Per Pair

Select from the Following Part #'s:

  • MF-TRS-05B16 (Honda B16A (Cable/Hydro) Helical LSD)
  • MF-TRS-05B18 (Honda B16B/18C Helical LSD)
  • MF-TRS-05D15 (Honda D15 Helical LSD - 35mm Bearing)
  • MF-TRS-05D16 (Honda D16 Helical LSD - 40mm Bearing)
  • MF-TRS-05H22 (Honda H22A/F20B Helical LSD)
  • MF-TRS-05L15 (Honda L13/L15 Fit Helical LSD)
  • MF-TRS-05K20 (Honda K-Series Helical LSD)

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