Hondata’s PWM Boost Contol Parts Kit – Install Instructions




First desolder all the spots on the ECU marked Q29, D14, R70, R71, & Q20.  They may be hard to find, but they are there.



Q29 & Q20 are directional transistors, transistor writing should face you (with ECU plugs on the left).  If one of these components are already there, do not replace them.


Install D14, the stripe should be on the left.


Install the 220 Ohm resistor in R70 (Red, Red, Brown)


Install the 330 Ohm resistor in R71 (Orange, Orange, Brown)


With every ECU, if the part is already in the location, do not replace it.


Also, after you get your car up and running, please post your tuned BIN file and share with the community in my BIN file depository.  You may also find a good map to start your tuning with posted there.  You can log on at:


If you have any questions, please email me.


Chris Harris