2Timer Instructions

Package Includes:

-          (1) 2Timer Board, pre-soldered with socket

-          (1) SST512 chip, blank


Using your BURN1 Burner, load the file you want to run MOST of the time into the program.  Set the number in the box labeled ‘Start Address in Hex’ to 008000.  Stick the SST chip into the cradle and ‘Program Chip.’  You have just burned the UPPER half of the chip which if you stick the chip in your ECU at this time will operate normally on that program.



Next, load the 2nd file you will switch to whenever needed to into your BURN1 software.  Change the ‘Start Address in Hex’ to 000000.  Click on ‘Program Chip’ and burn the file to the chip.  You have now loaded your SST512 chip with two programs.


Place the SST chip into the 2Timer in the correction fashion, match the notch on the chip with the notch on the 2Timer.  Place the 2Timer into the ECU in the correct direction. (Example shown)



Take the wire lead coming from the 2Timer and wire it to one side of a SPST switch.  Wire the other side of the switch to either an ECU or chassis ground.  In the picture provide, I have placed the wire on an INTERNAL ECU ground which can easily be pulled or connected to switch between the two programs burned on the SST chip instead of using a switch.


Now…in order to switch between the two programs all you need to do is to flip the switch.  In the best case scenario, it is always preferable to switch between programs when the engine and key are both OFF.  However…I have found that if the programs are similar enough, that you CAN flip the switch with the engine running.  Do this at YOUR OWN RISK.  I am not responsible if something detrimental happens while using this product.

Last Updated 8/19/06