2.5 Bar MAP Sensor Instructions




NOTE: Pins 4, 5, and 6 are internal

device connections. Do not connect

to external circuitry or ground. Pin 1

is noted by the notch in the lead.



Connect Pin 1 (White or Green wire - Vout) to the ‘Reference’ signal of your stock MAP sensor wiring. 

Connect Pin 2 (Black wire - GND) to the Ground wire in your stock MAP sensor wiring.

Connect Pin 3 (Red wire - Vs) to the 5v signal wire in your stock MAP sensor wiring.


Connect the vacuum hose from your stock map to the sensor nipple.


Make sure to either wrap securely with electrical tape or use shrink wrap to protect all pins upon installation in the engine bay.  Find a secure location to mount the new MAP sensor.



-          It’s not necessary for you to cut off your stock map connector, splice into the wires just before they go into the connector so that you can use it if you ever need to revert back to a stock MAP.

-          Use a DVOM (Digital Volt & Ohm Meter) to determine which wires of the MAP sensor wiring are 5v, GND and Reference by turning the key in your car to ON (engine not started) and probe with the DVOM. 

-          Refer to the PGMFI thread for further developments for OBD0/OBD1 and additional MAP sensor BIN files that will work with this sensor.