11F0 Board - Honda ECU VTEC Conversion Kit Installation


First desolder all the spots on the ECU marked, C60, J10, Q101, R201, IC14, & D11. They may be hard to find, but they are there. If a component is already in the ECU, do not remove it or replace it with a component we have supplied. Some ECUs have these parts already.




In spot IC14, solder in this part.

In spot Q101.

In spot C60.

Note the + and symbol, these are polarized. Install them correctly.


In spot R201.

In spot D11

In spot J10,

10K resistor (Brown-Black-Orange-Gold) are the stripes on this

Pay attention to the direction of the diode. If you need help look at the other diodes on the board.


Use a leftover piece of a resistor or from the diode legs to jumper this spot.



Please check out the original instructions on the PGMFI Wiki for further help if needed.



Also, after you get your car up and running, please post your tuned BIN file and share with the community in my BIN file depository. You may also find a good map to start your tuning with posted there. You can log on at:




If you have any questions, email me.


Chris Harris