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Solution Graphics
CAN Adapter kit for 2004-2006 Acura TSX

Points Credit : 50.00 points Currently valued at $1.00

CAN Adapter kit for the 2004-2006 Acura TSX

This is the adapter kit needed to run an 07/08 TSX ecu and Flashpro in your 04-06 TSX.

A few notes from the Hondata TSX page:

- How does this work for the 04-06 TSX?

FlashPro does not work with the 04-06 ECU, so an 07/08 ECU is required. The Honda part numbers are 37820-RBB-A21 for the manual and 37820-RBB-A71 for the automatic. They sell for a little over $600 new. The 07/08 ECU plugs in and mounts where original ECU is located. Hondata provides a wiring adapter for $50 which links the ECU programming pins to the DLC. After the ECU is installed a Honda dealer will need to match the immobilizer to the new ECU.

07-08 MT swap ECUs are hard to find for my 04-06 MT TSX. Can I use an AT ECU?

Yes. FlashPro Manager 1.7.2 or newer allows a MT calibration to be written into an AT ECU.

What AT ECU part number is supported?


Will the AT ECU work the same as the MT ECU?

No. Reverse lockout does not work in an MT TSX using an AT ECU. This means you will need to be more careful on 4-5 and 5-6 gearshifts as you can inadvertently move the gearshift into the reverse plane.

Can I drive my MT 04-06 TSX with the AT ECU before programming it with the FlashPro?

Yes after the immobilizer has been synchronized. It is not recommended though. There will be error codes as the ECU is looking for an AT transmission. Shifting will not work well as the AT shift logic also affects the drive by wire.

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